Unhindered – Father Will You Come chords ver. 2

Abm F# BThere's a love, forgetting my failures.
There's a hope, that's setting me free. There's a light, defeating my darkness.
C#m EAnd there's redemption calling,
C#m F#And causing all to sing
B Father will You come and open up our eyes.
AbmFill us with Your love, renew us with Your life.
C#m EConsume us with Your Majesty, consume of with your majesty
Whoaa.... Instrumental:Abm, F#, B There's a peace, that's calming my waters. There's a joy, that's setting me free. He's the light defeating my darkness. And there's redemption calling, And causing all to sing [Chorus]x2
BAnd power.
F#Belong to you.
(X6) [Chorus]x2 Consume us with Your Majesty (x2) Glory. Honor. And power. Belong to You. (X4)
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