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"I can't Stand it anymore" By Union 13
Transcribed by Chris Mendez (blackout@gte.net)


(A) (C#)e----------------------------------------------9-------:b-------------------5----------6-----6-----6-----6-----:g---------6-----6-----6----------6-----6-----6-----6---:d-----7-9---7-9---7-----7----6-----6-----6-------------:a---7----------------------4---------------------------:e-5----------------------------------------------------:
(D) (F#m) (E)e------------------------------x-----------------------:b-----7-----7-----10-------10--x----7-5---5-7(bend)----:g-----7---7-------11----11-----9--6-----6-----------6-4:d-----7-7---------11-11--------9-----------------------:a-5-5---------9-9--------------7-----------------------:e------------------------------x-----------------------:
(A) (C#) (B) (A)e-------------------5----------x---x-----x---x--5------:b-----5-------5-------5--------6---6-----4---4--5------:g-------7---7---7-------6------6---6-----4---4--6------:d---7-----7-------7------------6---6-----4---4--7------:a--------------------------4-4-4-4-4-2-2-2-2-2--7------:e-5----------------------------x---x-----x---x--5------:
(A) (C#) (B) In our youth, a simple life, filled with things we love (A) (C#) (B) Then and now we see and realize the conflicts that confront (A) (D) (C#) (B) (D) (C#) (D) (A) us. As we grow I see the walls are closing in (C#) (B) (D) (C#) (B) Then I see those who control I Can't Stand it (D) (C#) (B) (A) I can't stand it anymore.... I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE!!! (A) (C#) He was like a shadow a theif in the night he took away the only (B) (A) thing I wanted in my life! It's kinda' my fault for not letting (C#) (B) (A) (D) (C#) her know the feelings that I have inside (and I) I can't stand (B) (D) (C#) (B) (A) (C#) (B) it ! I can't stand it anymore! I can't stand it anymore! (A) (C#) (B) Three days and weeks pass me by but my feelings for you never (D) (C#) (B) diminish or die! You called me a greedy and selfish guy! It didn't matter to me because I had you by my side! (During solo, play A, B, C#, D, F#, E) (A) (C#) I can't stand it anymore! I can't stand it anymore! (D) (F#) (E) I had my chance but why am I still thinking of you?! No more, I can't stand this shit anymore!
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