United Live – Take All Of Me tab

Take all of me of United Hillsong

Standard tuning

Chords used

A    x07650
Asus x07750
E    022100
Esus 022200
Bm7  x24232
F#m  x44300
D2   xx0230
C#m7 x46654


A   Asus   A   Asus   A   Asus   A   Asus

Verse 1
              A              Asus
You broke the night like the sun
              A          Asus        F#m      D2
And healed my heart with Your great love
    A                  Asus
Any trouble I couldn't bear
          A          Asus           Esus  E
You lifted me upon Your shoulders

Love that's stronger
              A    E
Love that covers sin
     D2                    Bm7
And takes the weight of the world

        Asus A
I love You
 Asus    A             Esus E
All of my hope is in You
      Bm7              F#m
Jesus Christ take my life
            Esus E
Take all of me

(use delay for electric part during interlude and 2nd verse)

E|---9--------------| twice before going to second verseB|-----10--9h10p9---|G|-9--------------9-| A Asus
Verse 2 (chords same as verse 1) You stand on mountain tops with me With You I walk through the valleys Your grace is all I rely on
E|---9---------------|B|-----10--9h10p9----| x2G|-9--------------9--|D|-------------------|
E|---9---------------|B|-----10--9h10p9----| x2G|-9--------------9--|D|-------------------|
E|--9-9-9-9----------------------|B|-----------12-12-12-12-12------| (not the exact number, add delay for lessG|-9-9-9-9--9--9--9--9--9--9-----| picking..and more sounding)D|-------------------------------|
Fill before bridge (here add ur own technic..i mean hammer on..pull offs..etc)
E|---------------------------------------|B|-1515-14-141514------141414------------|G|----------------16-14------16-1414-16--| (You can always add moreD|---------------------------------------| technique or effect asA|---------------------------------------| using a single stringe|---------------------------------------| doesnt sound really good.
Also! second guitar alsoE|---------------------------------------| plays a great part to fillB|-141515-17-19b-14------15-14-12~-------| the "emptiness"...)G|------------------14h16----------------|D|---------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------|e|---------------------------------------|
Asus A Asus A E Esus E Bm Bm7 F#m E the amount of spaces kinda represents the number of beats) Bridge Asus A E F#m D2 I love You so, and I give up my heart to say A C#m F#m E D2 I need You so, my everything Piano then ..lots of guitar ..hmm to much guitar !!
phew dont wanna tab everything ..that took me too long! P.S if u have any corrections..please make a comment..and also if u rate it low..post ur reason..thx
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