United Live – Will The Circle Be Unbroken tab

Will the circle be unbroken 
artist: united live

C                   C7  
I was standing by my window, 
     F               C 
On a cold and cloudy day. 
When I saw that hearse come rolling, 
       C        G7      C 
For to carry my mother away. 
         C                C7  
Will the circle be unbroken, 
       F                C 
By and by, Lord, by and by? 
There's a better home a-waiting, 
       C          G7     C 
In the sky, Lord, in the sky. 
        C                  C7  
Lord, I told that undertaker, 
      F                   C 
"Undertaker, please drive slow. 
For the body you are hauling, 
        C       G7      C 
Lord, I hate to see her go." 
        C                       C7  
Lord, I followed close behind her, 
         F              C 
Tried to hold up and be brave. 
But I could not hide my sorrow, 
          C        G7     C 
When they laid her in the grave. 
          C                              C7  
Went back home, Lord, my home was lonesome, 
         F               C 
Since my mother, she was gone. 
All my brothers, sister cryin', 
       C       G7      C 
What a home so sad and lone. 
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