United Pursuit - Break Every Chain chords

Hello(: This is Break Every Chain by United Pursuit. AMAZING song; Seriously one of my 
favorite worship songs.
Pretty much, you play Am, F, C, and G for the entire song. Its extremely easy! But I'll 
put the chords anyway so you'll know where they go according to the words.
I'm 99% sure this is correct, so I hope you enjoy!

Am F C GThere is power, in the name of Jesus
(3 times)
Am F C GTo break every chain, break every chain, break every chain
(2 times) [VERSE]
Am F C GAll sufficient sacrifice
Am F C GSo freely given, such a price for
Am F C GOur redemption, Heaven's gates
Am F C GSwing wide...
Am F C GThere's an army, rising up
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