United Pursuit – Dusty Road chords

What a beautiful song!!! The chords were are picked up by ear 
and since there hasn't been a Chord Sheet for this song online 
I taught it would be nice to share this. Well, now you just 
got to play, be inspired, and moved by the Holy spirit because 
Christ Jesus always will love you!!!  

Dusty Road 
By: Michael Ketterer 

Verse 1 
D A G D and I've been gone for a long time now, a wanderer on this dusty road
D A G D and I'm crying out for you God, to come to me, and lead me home
D A G D A G D I'm ready now, I've changed my heart, I'm running into, into your arms
D, A, G, D (instrumental) Repeat Verse 1 & Bridge
D, A, G, D 2x (instrumental) Verse 2
D A and you meet me Father, on this dusty road
G D and you come with a ring, and you come with a robe
D A and you meet me Father, on this dusty road
G D and you wipe away my tears, and you lead me home
(Repeat 2x) Chorus
D A and I believe, Oh I believe
G D that you love me God, that you want me God
(Repeat 2x) If you enjoyed this song support Michael Ketterer by purchasing his album. You'll be able to find more info at: http://www.michaelketterer.com/
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