Unknown Hinson - Your Man Is Gay chords

Unknown Hinson - Your Man Is Gay

Chords: John Tyree

A beautiful Song by a real American Hero.

C/GIt's pert' near 12 O'clock
DmDo yo know where you husband is?
Dm7 GYou don't know where he's run off to
G7 CAnd you don't know who's he runnin with
C/GYou say he never holds you tight
DmAnd he hangs out at that spot each night
Dm7 GYou wait up for him but he don't show
G7 CWell darlin', there's smoethign you should know
FYour man is gay
As a goose, darlin' (?)
C Asus4 A7Gay, and that's the truth darlin
Dm7 G CI hate to break the news to you this way
FBut, your man is gay
As a donned apparel.
C Asus4 A7Gay, he's a flamin' arrow
Dm7 Gheads up, babe, your man is gay.
C/GYou say he reads a lot of muscle magazines
DmHe likes antiques and french cuisine
Dm7 GWell darlin, don't you know what all this means
G7 CHe's runnin' low on tostesterine
C/GHis favorite part of the super bowl
DmIs the locker room interviews
Dm7 GWell just add 2 and 2,
G7Hey darlin', it's time you got a clue
Chorus out
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