Unplugged - Its On Fire tab

hi, i'm brendan.this is how its goes IT'S ON FIREintro slowly----------------------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|---12--12-----------12--12-----------12--12-------------12--12-12-12--------|-10--10-----------10--10-----------10--10-------------10--10----------------|
PLAT THAT THREW OUT SONG Lyrics: Chorus Don't go there cause this place is on fire do you admire fire, well i do, i'm not a liar verse 1 when u look into fire, u see a flame burnin up. when u look into the flame,u see almost the same verse 2 when i see you in the fire, i really do admire fire. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. YAH PUNK!!!!!!!! TABBED BY BRENDAN LUCAS THE BOSS OF UNPLUGGED. ORDER INTRO THE QUICK THING CHORUS VERSE 1 CHORUS VERSE 2 YAHHHHHHHHH CHORUS (2 TIMES) INTRO BUT WE CALL THE OUTRO YAH PUNK
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