Unrest - I Do Believe You Are Blushing tab

i love unrest, so much.

Riff AE|------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------|D|----55--55--55--55--55--55--55--55--|A|--55--55--55--55--55--55--55--55----|E|------------------------------------|
Riff BE|--------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------------------------------|D|----44--44--22--22--44--44--22--22--44--44--22--22--44--44--22--22--|A|--55--55--44--44--55--55--44--44--55--55--44--44--55--55--44--44----|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
Riff CE|--------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------------------------------|D|----77--77--66--66--55--55--44--44--77--77--66--66--55--55--44--44--|A|--77--77--77--77--55--55--55--55--77--77--77--77--55--55--55--55----|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro Riffs: A-B-C-B Verse Riffs: C-B-C i do believe you're blushing everything in your mind is coming oh miss k i do believe you i wanna stick you gold and blue sucking boat where i want to be train train in the ground with me sinking sky the sky is falling looking now, i am calling you Chorus(chords): C F D F D F G C C F i do believe your eyes your face is glowing D F i do believe your face D F waking up to your eyes G endless over C C C i do believe that you are blushing Second Verse Riffs: B-C-B-C put me down in the ground, won't you talk a walk in the park, won't you let's lay on the rock with me don't you don't you want to look me push me to the wall won't you push a ring down my neck for you what will they be like, like you? incredible eyes incredible Chorus
OutroE|------00----00----00----00-----------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------and so on----------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------------|A|----22----22----22----22-------------------------------------------|E|--44----44----33----33---------------------------------------------|
(on the recording they use an open E string but a finger on the second fret of the D string is fine, if the E string's too hard to reach, of course.) Basically that's it, there's so much overdubbing it's sickening, but basically it's all i hope you enjoy it. questions/complaints/sweet sweet praise, send to: whoa-oh@hotmail.com
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