Unwed Sailor - Cuckoo Clocks The Call Of The Windmill tab

Hey! This is my first tab ever so be happy. I'm pretty sure this tab is correct. 
It sounds good so yeah. This song is in standard tuning as far as I know. 
There are two acoustic guitar parts in this song along with the tick tock tock's and dings. 
Listen to the song for timing, you can find it on myspace if you cant seem to find it anywhere. 
I know it took me awhile to find it.

The first acoustic guitar goes like this...

e----------------|B----------------|G----------0-----| Repeat.D-----0--4--4p0--| A----------------|E---3------------|
When the second acoustic guitar comes in, it's played at the same time as the first guitar. Again, listen to the song for timing. It goes like this...
e--------------------|B--------------------|G---4-0---0--0-------| Repeat. D-------4--4---------| A--------------------|E--------------------|
Then it slows down a lot and then it ends on....
First guitare--------------------|B--------------------|G--------------------| D--------------------| A--------------------|E---3----------------|
Second guitare--------------------|B--------------------|G---4----------------| D--------------------| A--------------------|E--------------------|
I hope this made sense. God bless!
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