Uphill Gardeners - The Joy Of Bending tab

Band Name - Uphill Gardeners
Song Title - The Joy of Bending

Tabbed by - colorado25

For this track, Berty, the lead guitarist, uses a four-string 
guitar of his own practical design . . 

Intro:|------10-----10------||----7----7------7----||--0--------0------0--| x4|---------------------|
Outro:|------10-----10------||----7----7------7----||--0--------0------0--| x4|---------------------|
Order: Intro x4 Verse Chorus x2 Verse Chorus x2 Verse Chorus x4 Outro x4 Chorus Lyrics: Bend me, bend me now mike Bend me, you know i want it Bend me, bend me now mike Bend me, you know i want you That's about as much as I know for this song. The chorus is tricky but you'll get it eventually!!! :)
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