Uphill Gardeners – The Tale Of Quinn And Blair tab

Uphill Gardeners
The Tale of Quinn and Blair


Chords:   Em   D   C   G   Am  
E          0   2   0   3    0
B          0   3   1   3    1
G          0   2   0   0    2
D          2   0   2   0    2
A          2   X   3   2    0 
E          0   X   X   3    X

X - means don't strum that string

Intro/Chorus Riff: Em D C G (end)DE---------3------------2-------------------------0---------------0----B------------3------------3---------3---------------3---------------3-G------0------------2------------------0------0---------------0-------D---2------------0---------------2------------------------------------A-----------------------------3---------------------------------------E------------------------------------------3---------------2----------
Em D C G I wanted to be like you Em D C G I wanted everything Em D C G So I tried to be like you Em D C G D And I got swept away I didn't know that it was so cold and You needed someone to show you the way So I took you hand and we figured out that When the tide comes I'd take you away Em C G D If you want to I can save you Em C G D I can take you away from here Em C G D So lonely inside so busy out there Em C G D And all you wanted was somebody who cares
I'm sinking slowly so hurry hold me Your hand is all I have to keep me hanging on Please can you tell me so I can finally see Where you go when you're gone Repeat Chorus Bridge:
C DE---0-0-0-------0-0-0---B---1-1-1-------3-3-3---G---0-0-0-------0-0-0---D---2-2-2-------4-4-4---A---3-3-3-------5-5-5---E-----------------------
C D C D All you wanted was somebody who cares, if you need me C B/A Am G D You know I'll be there oh, yeah
C B/A Am G DE----0----0----0----3----3--B----1----1----1----3----3--G----0----0----2----0----0--D----2----0----2----0----0--A----3----2----0----2----0--E-------------------3----2--
Repeat Chorus
Chorus riff:E--7-7-7-7h8-8-8-8-7-7-7-7-5-7-5---7-7-7-7h8-8-8-8-7-7-7-7-5-7-5----B--------------------------------8-------------------------------8--G------------------------------------------------------------------9D-------------------------------------------------------------------A-------------------------------------------------------------------E-------------------------------------------------------------------
Please can you tell me so I can finally see Where you go when you're gone have fun...... girl rocks
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