Urban Dance Squad - Demagogue tab

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"Demagogue" - Urban Dance Squad
From the album Persona Non Grata
Tab transcription by Mark van 't Zet (tmvtzet@cs.vu.nl)


---------------------------------| ---------------------------------| ---------------------------------| --2---x-x-5-5-2---x-x-2---x-x-5--| --2---x-x-5-5-2---x-x-2---x-x-5--| --0-------3-3-0-------0-------3--|
---------------------------------------| ---------------------------------------| --7-/-9---x-x-x------------------------| ----------x-x-x--5-/-7---x-x-x--7-/-9--| --5-/-7------------------x-x-x---------| -----------------3-/-5----------5-/-7--|
SOLO - Yeah, right! Backing is same as intro/verse riff.
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