Urban Dub – Future tab

Title: Future
Artist: Urban Dub
Album: Unkown
Chords by: Mark Jesson Galera
Contact No: 09198408399
Friendster Account: boybassista@yahoo.com
Yahoo Messenger: magnificoboy_00@yahoo.com
School: Lorma Colleges
Date Tab: October, 2007

Pacenxa...kung mali dito..paki tama nalang..hehe

Tuning Drop D:Intro: Then:e--xxxx--|------------------------------------------------|b--xxxx--|------------------------------------------------|g--9999--|------------------------------------------------|D--9999--|--3------------6666--1111------------6666--1111-|A--7777--|--3------------6666--1111------------6666--1111-|D--------|--3-0-5-8h10---6666--1111-3-0-5-8h10-6666--1111-|
Let the word spread out like fire Building bridges to unite one blood There’s more to life than this tragedy I’m gonna be choosing to survive Refuse to stand aside We lift the voice and we get up on us We unite to ignite (challenge) Guitar 1:
e----------------------------------------------|b---------|------------------------------------|g--999999-|------------------------------------|D--999999-|-77777-7------7------7--------------|A--777777-|-77777-7-10h9-7-10h9-7-1019---------|D---------|-77777-7------7------7--------------|We lift the voice and we get up on usWe unite to ignite (challenge)
I’m breathing in a new beginning Precious life is in the air Spread the word and not the hurt Spread the word and not the hurt
Chorus:We are the futureWe own the futuree---------|b---------|g---------|D--77777--|A--77777--|D--77777--|
Let the youth open their mindsThe right the right to stay alivee-------------------|b-------------------|g-------------------|D---101010--121212--|A---101010--121212--|D---101010--121212--|
Every minute, humanity i claim Born every minute is a victim But we turn away Open your eyes, open your eyes wide To the information And subscribe to stay alive Open your eyes, open your eyes Breath the air and stay alive Spread the word and not the hurt Spread the word and not the hurt (I refuse to stand aside) We own the future (I choose to stay alive) We own the future (Refuse to stand aside) We own the future (We have the right to stay alive) We have the right to stay alive We have the right to stay alive We have the right to stay alive The right stay to stay alive
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