Uriah Heep – What Kind Of God chords

BI rode to my homeland
Aand carried the memory over the valley below
Band the heart of a nation
the war cry was blazing
Aand the loss of my brothers and sons
Bwere all in the name of civilisation
E G Ethe empty moon saw I was leaving
E G Ewith pride and hope in my heart
E G Athe mountains talk of faraway dreaming
Bso came the invasion
Aacross from a faraway place into the new world
B with guns and new order
they gave us religion
Athen took away all of our rights and forced
Bus to live behind their new border
G Ethe four winds blow and bring a new vision
G Ewhere children laugh without fear
G Ethe land will speak and people will listen
D Abut yesterday my life was fading
D Awith every reason to die
D ten miles to the north
A G A E as I rode my red horse in the dying sun
D Aand then when I saw the white soldiers
D Aone hundred or more in a line
Dkill for the land
Asaying their law will stand
Am Gwhat kind of God do they see?
D AWhat kind of god can this be?
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