Uriah Heep – Gypsy tab

Guitar intro:E|----------------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------------|G|----10-8----12-10-8------10-8----12-10-8------10-8----12-10-8---|D|-10------10---------8-10------10---------8-10------10---------8-|A|----------------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------------|
E|-------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------|G|-------10-8-------12-10-8---------10-8-------12-10-8---| <- playedD|-10---------10------------8-10---------10------------8-| twice!A|-------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------|
organ chords to the line below: Round 1-3..etc...: Cm Eb Round 2-4..etc...: F AbE|----------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------10-8-------------------12-10-8---| <- playedD|-10-10-10-10-10-10------10-10-10-10-10-10---------8-| 8 times!A|----------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------|
The "Gypsy guitar riff": Cm Eb Cm EbE|-----------------------------|B|-----------------------------|G|-----------------------------|D|-5--5--5--5/8--5--5--5--5/8--| In the opening playA|-3--3--3--3/6--3--3--3--3/6--| this riff 3 timesE|-----------------------------|
verse: Cm I was only seventeen I fell in love with a gypsy queen G# G G# G then play the "Gypsy guitar riff" She told me: "Hold on" Cm Her father was the leading man Said: "You're not welcome G#-G On our land" C#-C And then as a foe, he told me to go
Guitar bridge:E|-----------9-|B|--------9----|G|-----8-------|D|-10----------|A|-------------|E|-------------| Then play the "Gypsy guitar riff"
verse: He took me to a little shack And put a whip across my back Then told her: "Leave me" I was out for quite a time Came back with her on my mind Sweet little girl She means all the world play the Guitar bridge followed by the "Gypsy guitar riff" Organ solo - play the "Gypsy guitar riff" as long as the keyboard player wants! verse: Oh, I want my qypsy queen Will she still be torn between Her father and lover One day I will go to him <- play the "Gypsy guitar riff" along Strong enough to fight and win <- with the vocals on these two lines: The kind of a man That he'll understand Guitar bridge followed by the "Gypsy guitar riff"
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