Uriah Heep – Footprints In The Snow tab ver. 2

FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW (Hensley/Wetton)accoustic guitar intro E E|-------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------|D|--------------------13--14-14----------------14--------------|A|-11--11-12-14-12-11-----------11-12-14-12-11----14-14--------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------|
Play this guitar line where indicated (*) in the song: F G Am Am7/G Am7/F#E|------------5-----5--7--8--7--13--12---| E|-------------B|--6-5-6--8-----8-----------------------| B|-1-------1---G|---------------------------------------| G|-------------D|---Am Scale----------------------------| D|-2-------2---A|---------------------------------------| A|-------------E|---------------------------------------| E|-3-------2---
verse 1: E G E G Just like footprints in the snow Who knows where my heart will go F Am Am7 F Fm C Em Will it lead me to you Or will I see another empty day verse 2: E G E G Seasons come and quickly go Kinda makes me Wonder if they know F Am Am7 F Why my heart keeps Running near and far Fm C Em If only they could tell me Where you are chorus: Am Am7/G Am7/F# If you've ever been in love Then you'll know the rocky road F G Am Am7/G I've been speaking of You'll remember when The times were good Am7/F# F G Am G F - G And the times You had to do without Think carefully my friend (*) Am G F - G It may look like a start But it could be the end (*) verse 3: E G E G I'm not trying to bring you down I'm just so tired of hangin' around F C Em I won't make The same mistake again (repeat chorus:) Moog solo: |Am|G|F|F(-G)|Am...etc...to fade
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