Uriah Heep – Sweet Freedom tab

sweet freedom-uriah heep
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tuning: standard

this is a great song. note that after the first organ intro the key changes.
near the end play this with a wah wah effect. listen to it for the timing.

f f f-13-x-x--13-13-x-x--13-13--x-x---------------------------|--x-x-x---x--x-x-x---x--x--x-x---------------------------|-10-x-x--10-10-x-x--10-10--x-x----and so on like this----|---------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------|
C G as you look around you, Am F do you like what you see? G f though it sometimes makes you lonely, G F do you like bein' free? C G and are you sure youll be okay Am F without my company? G F i just want you to be happy, G F even if its not with me. C at this point the guitar switches to a very pretty clean chorus and plays a C6 like so
---------5---------------5---------| -------5---5-----------5---5-------| -----5-------5-------5-------5-----| ---5-----------5---5-----------5---| -3---------------3-----------------| -----------------------------------|
C6 sweet, sweet freedom C6 sweet, sweet, sweet play intro with wah here F and will the line F between all this F and my love ever meet? C6 sweet sweet freedom C6 sweet sweet sweet same chord progression through here what im really tryin to say is that i will be around. should you find that after all you cant get by withwhat you found. or was it just my heart you took and gently tossed into the sea? though its hard to find the words i need... i guess it was me... i guess it was me chorus and there you have one of the greatest songs of all time. hope you found my tab helpful
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