Used – Noises And Kisses tab

(Chorus 1) Am G Look in my eyes Am G I'm jaded now whatever that means Am By sharing these things G I rip my heart out Am It's worth my time G Em Whatever that means... Am G Hard to see up Am G My neck feels stiff until I wake up Am The orange I choked G And back to my neck Am It's worth my time G Em Whatever that (Chorus 2) Am G Share with me Am Cause I need it right now Em Let me see your insides Am G Or write me off Am Cause I'd rather starve now G Em If you won't open up (you won't open up) Am G Give it to me Am G Give me all... whatever you want Am G It's never been me Am To want this much from you G Em I can see (Repeat Chorus 2) Am G (figure out the strumming yourself) tears me up (Repeat Chorus 1, 2, 2)
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