Used – Buried Myself Alive Acoustic tab

I don't think the band has played it like this, but I do it all the time.chords used: Standard TuningG E5m Em C D | G2 Em2 open |-3 |-x |-0 |-0 |-3 | |-x |-x |-x|-3 |-7 |-0 |-1 |-2 | |-8 |-5 |-x|-0 |-x |-0 |-0 |-3 | |-7 |-4 |-x|-0 |-4 |-2 |-2 |-0 | |-5 |-2 |-0|-2 |-x |-2 |-3 |-0 | |-x |-x |-0|-3 |-x |-0 |-0 |-0 | |-x |-x |-0
Intro: G,E5m,Em,C,D Verse 1: G2 You almost always pick the best times Em2 C to drop the worst lines, you almost made me cry again this time D another false alarm, red flashing lights, Em well this time I'm not going to watch myself dye. G I think I made it a game to play your game Em2 and let myself cry, C I buried myself alive on the inside, D so I could shut you out, Em and make you go away for a long time. Chorus: G E5m I guess it's ok I puked today away. Em C I guess it's better you trapt yourself in your own way. D But if you want me back, Em open C your gonna have to ask, nicer than that! Verse 2: G2 I think the chain broke away Em2 and I felt it the day that I had my own time. C I took advantage of myself and felt fine. D Em But it was worth the night, I cought an early flight and I made it home. Chorus; Bridge: Em open C Nicer than that.
Interlude:You figure out the struming.|-x |-x|-8 |-x|-7 |-7|-5 |-x|-x |-5|-x |-x
With my foot on your neck I, Finaly have you. Right where I want you. Right where I want you. Right where I want you!
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