Used – Lunacy Fringe Acoustic tab

			     LUNACY FRINGE (Acoustic)  - The Used
Tabbed by: Eilidh Hollow

Tuning: Standard **WITH CAPO ON 4TH**

Ok guys, this is my first TAB. I tabbed the song by ear so if there are any mistakes, let me know.
PM throughout song.

Intro Tabe|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|--------2-0------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-0-0-0-------3--5---0-0-0-3-2-0-2--------------------------------------------|
VERSE 1: E G Am Wake up, my love C E Never thought youd make me, break me G Am Now I'm up, from below C Such a brilliant star you are BIRDGE: E G Am And will your love keep burning baby? C E Burn a hole right through my eyes G Am You saw that short times feel like no time C And I thought you oughta know CHORUS: G Am C I'm so far gone now I've been running on empty G Am C C (Let ring) I'm so far gone now, do you wanna take me on? Do you wanna take me on? **Same chord pattern for the rest of the song.**
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