Usher – Whats A Man To Do tab

Tabbed by Joel Vincent,

Capo 3
Standard Tuning

Heres the tab, very simple, repeated throughout, though proberly changes in the bridge, 
update that when i get time.  this is 80 percent of the song tho for sure.  Cheers, ne 
please add in corrections. Hope This helps.

Chords Am - x02210 Em7 - 020030 Fmaj7 - 1x3210 G6 - 320000 Gadd6 - 320030 Am I'd be lying if i told you Em7 That i didnt see it coming Fmaj7 Be more of a liar if i said G6 Hey i didnt want it to be something Am You deserve much better Em7 For the love that you have shared Fmaj7 I know you wont believe it Gadd6 But girl i swear Am That i got love for you Big love for you Em7 Fmaj7 Even when im tripping The fact remains that G You will always be my baby My baby Am But take the truth Baby take the truth Em7 I cant hide my feelings Fmaj7 Gadd6 Especially when the whole world can see Chorus - Same chord progression throughout the rest of the song That my heart is in two different places I got you in my life and i wanted her right But its hard to let it go When my love has two different faces And i cant pretise coz they both look right Someone tell me what's a man to do When he's loving two And he don't wanna lie But he can't tell the truth
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