Usher – Lifetime tab

Transcribed by Joel Vincent,

No Capo,
Standard Tuning

Am - x02210
Em - 022000
Em7 - 022010
Gm - 355333
F - x33211

 The Following Progression Repeats Throughout The Whole Song

  Am   | Em - Em7 |   Gm   |   F

I can’t let nothing come in between the two of us
Cause its’ like your all I need since we been together and
Whenever I’m in need of a little love
Its’ okay for me to open up but I just can’t give me heart to anyone
Some only call it a life for a season and stay a while to give you a reason to put in 
every thing and to think that its forever
But you’ve given me someone that I can believe in I know there will be times we can’t 
to an agreement but I know that we’ll figure out the ups and down
Tell me are you willing to take a chance? Baby if so
Here we go, let me put you in my hand, I wanna be your man
Lets do it right, so that you’ll be with me a lifetime
You know and I know…don’t’ think that I’m talking crazy, your mama and my mama want some 

I used to think that it was hopeless and that I should just give it up but I couldn’t 
until I found myself a good girl to be in love with
I checked every state and city and looked all around the world and I’m proud to say that 
search ends here cause your one in a million to me and I can’t let you go
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