Usher – You Make Me Wanna tab ver. 2

you make me wanna
nataku/jj murphy (aim - "oh romantics")

Capo, fret 1, chords relative to capo
EDIT (10/10/08) - Made this much more acoustic cover friendly.
changed intro whatnot.

Then same chords as initial tab: Em-C-G-Am Em C G You make me wanna leave the one I'm with Em C G Am Start a new relationship with you ORIGINAL TAB HERE:
keyboard intro, finger picked|----------------||----------------||-8--------55-44-||---5h6----------||-6----h6--------||----------------|
Em C G you make me wanna leave the one i'm with Em C G start a new relationship with you, this is whatcha do. Just that pattern over and over. You can figure out the placement of each chord by and strumming each chord once. bridge Em C G at this point the situations of out control i never mean to hurt her but i gotta let her go
chord legend:|-------||-------||-0-0-0-||-2-2-0-| use full strumming for the bridge part|-2-3-2-||-0-0-3-|
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