Usher – Can You Handle It tab

this is my first tab... its cool...

() = optional

INTRO:e------------------------|b------------(9)----(7)--|g------------------------| Repeat x 4d-------------11---------|a-------------11-----9---|e--5--7---8--------------|
VERSE:e--x----x--|b--9----7--|g--x----8--| Repeat until chorusd--9----9--|a--7----x--|e--9----7--|
CHORUS:e--x----x--|b--9----7--|g--x----x--| Repeat until versed--6----4--|a--8----6--|e--9----7--|
The (986x9x) can be substituted for (68x89x) The (764x7x) can be substituted for (46x67x) thats my version of the whole song... the chorus sounds kinda major instead of minor... it works... the verse and the chorus r basically the same except the chorus is a high any ideas hit me up aim: illwill5005
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