Ussr - Live Near Death tab

Live Near Death
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Soundtrack
Standard Tuning

Hi. This is my 1st tab ever and it probably sucks, but if it's good then i'll try to 
you the whole song.

/ = slide up \ = slide down ~ = hold note ( ) = ghost notee|-----------------|B|-----------------|G|-----------------|D|-4--7--6~~~~~~~~~| 4xA|-4--7--6~~~~~~~~~|E|-2--5--4~~~~~~~~~|
e|----------------------------------|B|----------------------------------|G|----------------------------------|D|-4-(4)-7---6---9---8-(8)-(8)-9--8-| 4xA|-4-(4)-7---6----------------------|E|-2-(2)-5---4----------------------|
Then there's this slightly different part:
e|----------------------------------|B|----------------------------------|G|----------------------------------|D|-4-(4)-7---6----------------------| 4xA|-4-(4)-7---6---9---8-(8)-(8)-9--8-|E|-2-(2)-5---4----------------------|
That's all I've got for now. Hope you like it!
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