Vains Of Jenna - Noones Gonna Do It For You tab

Artist:Vains of Jenna
Album: lit up/ let down
Guitarist: Lizzy DeVine

I only found one of this tab, so I decided to tab one myself, I don't have the solo, I 
have the rythm

and the verse: do you remember back.....there you only play the A and the D not the 222-0-2-0... and when he sings: Well she's gonna get to you then you play this:
---------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------|6----------7----------9----------11----------|4-16 times 5-16 times 7-16 times--9-8--------| times---------------------------------------------|
thats the whole song, at least the rythm, I don't have the solo, I play bass so just something that fit to the chord
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