Valentine - Feel So Bad chords

C EmIn my dreams there are some
C Am Em things that I can't describe
C EmI have to speak about or I would
D Emkeep this lie
C Em Cwhen it gets me down oh then I
Am Emget turned around
C Emyou stabbed me in the back is
D Cthis something you enjoy,
D Emsomething you enjoy
C Em BmTell me why do I feel so bad?
C Am I want to hurt you deep in your
Em BmI feel so bad
C Am I thought we were in real, real
Em BmI feel so bad
C Am C DI'm speaking from the inside
C Em But now I want to fight against
C Am EmAnd so you can't make me be hurt
Once as I was naive and silly I thought you told the truth Now I know more about you I will not believe in you, believe in you Refr:
C EmWhen you look at me
D B / ( H7 )Will I ever be free?
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