Valient Thorr - Tough Customer tab

I don't know the entire song just the main riffs, at least this is how I play em. This 
by far my favorite song from Thorr...

Standard - EADGBE

IntroClean|----------------------------------||----------------------------------||---7---0~-------------------------| x8|-7-7-7-2~-------------------------||-5-5-5-2~-------------------------||-------0~-------------------------|
then just repeat that riff with heavy distortion 3 times then
Here is the beggining riff
Because the distortion is so loud, the pull off to the 0's doesn't make it sound any don't really pull off just let go of the strings. This riff is repeated a couple other throughout the song, listen and learn. Verse riff
|----------------------------------||----------------------------------||----------------------------------||----------7-7---------------------| x2|-2-2-5p0--5-5---------------------||-0-0-3p0--------------------------|
then he sings repeat verse he sings wash rinse repeat blah blah, listen to the song, next is the chorus.
That is pretty much the song, maybe some varying with those riffs, bt that is the song, wrong with it, post your own tab. That is just the way I play it. Sorry the tab is sloppy.
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