Vampire Weekend – Worship You chords

(The album version is a half-step lower than this, but I simplified it. Feel free 
to mess around with it. -R)

[Verse 1]
COnly in the way you want it
Only on the day you want it Only with the understanding and every single day you want it [X2]
G CYou, you
CCity with the weight upon it
City in the way you want it City with the safety of a never-ending blessing on it [X2]
G CYou, you
C GWe worshipped you
F CYour red right hand
C F GWon't we see you once again?
C G F CIn foreign soil, in foreign land
C F G CWho will guide us through the end? Oh
[Verse 2]
CCalling on a change, you want it
Calling on the same, you want it Calling for the misery to always be explained, you want it [X2]
G CYou, you
CEnergetic praise you wanted
Any kind of praise you wanted Little bit of light to get us through the final days you wanted [X2]
G CYou, you
[Chorus x2]
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