Van Der Graaf Generator – The Undercover Man chords

Van der Graaf Generator - The Undercover Man
from the album Godbluff (1975).
Transcribed by Cory (, July 2010

F#m F# sus E D C#m--2-----2-----4-----2-------|--2-----2-----5-----3----5--|--2-----4-----4-----2----6--|--4-----4-----6-----0----6--|-------------------------4--|----------------------------|
F#m F#sus Here at the glass -
F#m F#susall the usual problems, all the habitual farce.
F#m F#susYou ask, in uncertain voice,
F#mwhat you should do,
E Das if there were a choice but to carry on
C#mmiming the song
F#mand hope that it all works out right.
F#sus Tonight it all seems so strange -
F#m/A F#sus/G#my spirit feels rigid, my body deranged;
F#m F#susstill that's only from one point of view
F#m/A Eand we can't have illusion between me and you,
D C#mmy constant friend, ever close at hand -
F#myou and the undercover man.
[e f#]E/G# B/D#---------0----------------|---------0-------------4--|---------1-------------4--|---------2-------------4--|-----------------------6--|-0-2--4-------------------| I re flect: 'It's very strange
D to be going through this change
Gwith no idea of what it's all been about
[e f g a b C#]Bb/D Bb b5 ----------------------------| --------|-------------------------3--| --3--3--|-------------------------3--| --3--3--|-------------------------3--| --3--2--|--------------0--2----4--5--| --1--1--|--0----1--3-----------------| --------|
[e f g a b C#]Bb/D except in the context of time...'
Bb b5 COh, but I shirk it, I've half a mind not to work it all out.
D C C#dim------------|--7---5--5--|--7---5--3--|--7---5--5--|--5---3--4--|------------|
D G AIs this madness just the recurring wave of total emotion,
D G A or a hide for the undercover man,
D G Aor a litany - all the signs are there of fervent devotion -
D C C Cmaj7 C C Cmaj7 F----------------8--7------------8---7------5--|-------7----5---5--5-----8------5---5------6--|-------7----5---5--5-----9------5---5------5--|-------7----5---5--5-----10-----5---5------7--|-------5----3------------10-------------------|-------------------------8--------------------|or the cracking of the dam?
C Cmaj7 C C Cmaj7 F
F#dim Adim Cdim Ebdim Em---------------------------------------------|-----1-------4---7---------------10-------8--|-----2-------5---8---------------11-------9--|-----1-------4---7---------------10-------9--|------------------------------------------7--|-----2-------5---8---------------11----------|It's cracked; smashed and bursting over you,
D Cthere was no reason to expect such disaster.
B Em EmMaj7 G/D A/Db-----7--| ---7--| --3-----5--|-7---8--| ---8--| --3-----5--|-8---9--| ---8--| --4-----6--|-9------| ------| --5--------|-9---7--| ---6--| --5-----4--|-7------| ------| -----------|
B Em Now, panicking, you burst for air,
EmMaj7 drowning, you know you care
G/D A/Db for nothing and no-one but yourself
Gand would deny even this hand
Bm D A Gwhich stretches out towards you to help.
Gmaj7 Cmaj7 C B--------------------------------------------------------|------------3-----------------5--------------5-------4--|------------4-----------------4--------------5-------4--|------------4-----------------5--------------5-------4--|------------------------------3--------------3-------2--|------------3-------------------------------------------|But would I leave you in this moment of your trial?
Gmaj7 Cmaj7 C BIs it my fault that I'm here to see you crying?
Am Am+ Am------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------1------------1---------------------1--|--------------------2------------2---------------------2----|------------------2------------3---------------------2------|--------------r-0----------r-0-------------------r-0--------|------------------------------------------------------------|These phantom figures all around you should have told you,
Am+ Gyou should have found out by now,
Cif you hadn't gone and tried to do it all by yourself.
Ab Bb C
Db5 D5 Eb9-------------|----------6--|--6--7----6--|--6--7----5--|--4--5----6--|-------------|
Sax solo over F minor riff
[Db Eb] E B/D# D Ev-en now we are not lost: if you look out at the night
G you'll see the colours and the lights seem to say
[e f g a Bb c]Bb/D Bb people are not far a-way, at least in distance,
b5and it's only our own dumb resistance
Cthat's making us stay.
D C C#dim
D G AWhen the madness comes, let it flood on down and over me sweetly,
D G Alet it drown the parts of me weak and blessed and damned,
D G Alet it slake my life, let it take my soul and living completely,
D C C Cmaj7 Clet it be who I am.
A D G AThere may not be time for us all to run in tandem together -
D G A the horizon calls with its parallel lines.
D G AIt may not be right for you to have and hold in one way forever
D C C Cmaj7 C C Cmaj7 Fand yet you still have time,
C Cmaj7 C C Cmaj7 Fyou still have time.
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