Van Halen - Crossing Over chords


Crossing Over is a fairly easy tune to play; I haven't tried to figure it
note-for-note exactly but the following will suffice for jamming with the
CD.  It's in the key of F until the harmonizing guitars come in at the
end, if that helps.

The beginning sequence has tapped harmonics (at the octave) for the
following chords:

Dm Dsus2 C Csus2E 5 5 3 3
B 6 5 5 3 G 7 7 5 5 D 7 7 5 5 A 5 5 3 3 E x x x x The next part is similar to the beginning of Black and Blue (the fingering):
C F C E D Dsus2E x x x x x 5
B x x x x x 5 G 5 10 5 9 7 7 D x x x x x 7 A 3 8 3 7 5 5 E x x x x x x
D F G A G Csus2E x x x x x 3
B x x x x x 3 G 7 10 12 14 12 5 D x x x x x 5 A 5 8 10 12 10 3 E x x x x x x Play the C, F, C, E, D, Dsus2 again, and then play D, F, Bb, A, G, Csus2. Verses: Play a muted Dm, Dsus2, C, and Csus2. With the single ascending note on the B string. Chorus: An F and A arpeggiated thing:
E ---------------------------------------------------------------|B ---------------------------------------------------------------|G ----0----2-3-2------0----2-3-------0----2-3-2------0----2-3-2--|D -------3---------------3-----2--------2---------------2--------|A -3----------------3----------0---0---------------0-------------|E ---------------------------------------------------------------|
And - my favorite part - one of the 'screams' at the end is a harmonic on the G-string at about 2.2 frets. Hope it is clear. Tom Downloaded From:
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