Van Morrison - Take Your Hands Out Of My Pocket chords

The original is by Sonny Boy Williamson II, but this version is from the live 
album It's Too Late To Stop Now...

G7 C7 AdimTake your hands outta my pocket, baby
Adim G7 C7 G7I ain't got nothin' let to loan to you
C7Take your hands outta my pocket
C7 G7 Am Bm Bbm AmI ain't got nothin' left to loan to you
D7 C7 If you don't take your hand out
C7 G7 C7 G7 D7I'm gonna call the police on you
G7 C7 AdimI got hip to your record
Adim G7 C7 G7The first thirty-five seconds I got in town
C7I got hip, hip to your record
C7 G7 Am Bm Bbm AmThe first thirty-five seconds that I got in town
D7 C7If you don't take your fingers off my wallet
C7 G7 C7 I believe the Man is gonna take you down
G7 Whoa, yeah
D7Play the blues, n' blow
[Instrumental & sax solo]: Same chords as above. (Adim is optional)
G7 C7I don't mean anybody no harm
G7 C7 G7I just want what belong to me
C7I don't mean no one no harm, no-no
C7 G7 Am Bm Bbm AmI just want, just want what belong to me
D7 C7So, ya take your hand outta my pocket, hu!
G7 C7 G7I'll ask the judge to set you free.
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