Van Stephenson - What The Big Girls Do chords

EShe's got her eye on an older guy
CTired of being treated like a kid
AHer friends keep saying she better act her age
E ( D E A B )But he'd never notice her if she did
EShe paints her eyes and colors her cheeks
CSlides her nylons up her legs
AShe's going to wrap his love her little finger
E (i like to E/D before chorus)And squeeze til the poor boy begs
EmShe wants to do what the big girls do
GReady to try anything new
AShe's going to show them all a thing or two
G A D EShe wants to do what the big girls do
C A D E A BThe girl is gone, she'll give her heart away
C A B B B B The girl is gone, a woman takes her place
( solo is "verse simliar rhythm", but just E, then C, E, then C, leading into the slow breakdown portion)
E A B C G Gb E A B C D-into chorusoutro is solo backing
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