Vandaveer – However Many Takes It Takes chords

However Many Takes it Takes by Vandaveer

Capo 3rd fret. Note names are relative to the capo. Mute the A string on the G chord. That is all.

CWe're swimming in the deep end
C/BI find out where your faith begins
Am GYou're waiting for an answer that's acceptable
F/CThe current sweeps you out to sea
GAnd it keeps you guessing helplessly
C C/B Am GYou're praying for a savior who's exceptional
F/CSomeone who'll lift you from your knees
GAnd save you, and hand you the keys
C C/B Am GAnd offer you the kingdom of your dreams
But nothing's ever as it seems You find yourself further down stream Alone, save for the echoes of your screams
F/C G CAh, honey, fairy tales are prone to tease
[C chord in background, but bass goes: A B C D E F E D C]
CWell candles burn you warm and safe
C/BYou lock your door and control your space
Am GAnd curtains drawn, you think that you're impenetrable
But demons they don't live outside They burrow deep where they can hide Inside a safe, you will still feel vulnerable You draw a bath and pour some wine You drink yourself into another time Where you feel truly free The water's rising overhead And you wake to find yourself in bed You're gasping, for a breath that's hard to breathe Ahh, honey, dreams are rarely what they seem Oh, how, e-ver, many takes, it takes
CWell, step outside into the sun
C/BLet it dry your eyes and run around
Am GFeel the warmth underneath your skin
The clouds will soon move in again You can't expect to always win You got to, take it as it comes The marching bands and beating drums Play familiar songs for the alum We all got scars, but we don't like to show them Sometimes it's better to be strong We all got to be moving on You got to walk a million miles Ahh, honey, go walk them with a smile. Oh, how, ever, many takes, it takes.
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