Vanessa Carlton – Afterglow tab

Most of it is chords but I will add in some of the tabs that you should play.

Intro : C5  Am  G  C  *hold the C chord then pluck the A, G, and D strings)

        C5  Am  (B : -1-0--) G (B: -0-1--) F 

E : ----------------1----------------B : ---1-3-4-3-1----1------1-3-4-3-1-G : -4------------4-2----4-----------4 (hold note)D : ----------------3----------------A : ----------------4----------------E : ----------------1---------------- F
Verses : C Am G D :-----0--- A : -------- Low E : -3------ Then go into the C immediately from there. Then the next part is : Em G The sun, goes down.. Chorus: Am G Am Em Am C And if you could see, what's come over me. Am C Am C Am C Then you would know. *Same chords for the next part* As I sit here in this darkness... Verse 2 same as 1, just strum a little harder. Chorus Bridge :
high e --3--b--------3--g--------3--d--------0--a-----------e-----------
Hold me Am C now, and ____ the Sunfilled sky? Repeat this C Am G the days gone by... Em Am C Am...
E : ----------------1B : ---1-3-4-3-1----1G : -4------------4-2D : ----------------3A : ----------------4E : ----------------1 F C G C
Am (B : -1-0--) C (B : -0-1--)
E : ----------------1B : ---1-3-4-3-1----1G : -4------------4-2D : ----------------3A : ----------------4E : ----------------1 F
Chorus End : A G A G A G A
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