Various Artists - I Love You All The Way chords


Intro: C-I
CAll this time weve been together
CEveryday in new adventure
Am DmTimes enough to last forever and the day
F COur love is sometimes I will have
DmThrough good times and through bad
GI love you all the way.
CAll of days in quite and sunny
CThere are times we had no money
Am DmYou could always find some funny things to say
F CAnd though looking back on where wed been
DmIll do it all again
GI love you all the way.
F C C7I love you all the way
F G C7-C-GEvery morning, every night, everyday
CTimes were part that I could take in
CWondering if wed make it
Am DmYou could hold me close and make it go away
F CAnd though Ive said it all before
DmIll never mended more
GI love you all the way.
Fade: C I love you all the way.
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