Varukers – Will They Ever Learn tab

Band:The Varukers
Song:Will They Ever Learn?
Tabbed By:Oppressor

1st parte----------------------------------------|b----------------------------------------|g----------------------------------------|d---1010101010101010-11-888-1111111111---|a----8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8--9-666--9-9-9-9-9---|e----------------------------------------|
2nd parte----------------------|b----------------------|g----------------------|d---8888-66-55-99999---|a---6666-44-33-77777---|e----------------------|
Well that's the whole song they play this over and over except in beginning when the change is to palm mute the 1st part and do some pick scratch after it on the d and a and also somewhere in middle of the song you may hear single chords played with thesimbols of the drums that chord isd--8-- after this they do the same pick scratch and that's about it.a--6--I didn't put the order since I feel you could figure out the order yourselve. Any comments or requests email me at oh and please rate.
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