Vaselines - Ruined chords

The song starts with a high pitched bit from Exit The Vaselines, the ending track 
of their album Sex With An X, followed by the actual song. Enjoy!

First verse
ESmack crack, Fleetwood Mac,
you'll have a heart attack. You're never coming back.
G ARuined, ruined.
EI think you got it wrong,
Can't write a decent song. We'll all just sing along.
G ARuined, ruined.
EIn the papers every day,
with nothing new to say. I wish you'd go away.
G ARuined, ruined.
EDon't believe the hype.
I can smell the type. Pissed up every night.
G ARuined, ruined.
Chorus (play twice)
E G AYou'll die, we all sigh, you go sky high,
EThrough the roof.
Second verse Let's have a bit of rough. You think you're really tough. But just not hard enough. Ruined, ruined. We could get famous too. From drink and sniffing glue. The kids are onto you. Ruined, ruined. A living miracle, too old and cynical. Play pop and popping pills. Ruined, ruined. It's nearly over now. You'll struggle on somehow, cash in your golden cow. Ruined, ruined. Chorus (play twice again) You'll die, we all sigh, you go sky high, through the roof. The song ends in E
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