Vaselines - Poison Pen tab

This song's entire chord scheme is based on D and C played after each other. 
Listen to the song to get the rhythm right.

Riff 1 (is also played during the choruses) D C D Ce|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|-------------------|D|-----54-7---7-54---| 4xA|-5--5--5--------5--|E|-------------------|
Verse 1: I can rely on you to always let me down. - and I'll trust you to never be around You'll eat me out of house and home, - you drink me dry and steal from me. - if we arrange to meet at 8 you'll be late guaranteed Chorus: Hey, hey, hey, I'll take you on again. Verse 2: You never complained and always came back wanting more. - but I always got less than I had bargained for. You compared me to an angel. - yes lucifer I fell for you. Fall on someone else because I've better things I want to do. Chorus: Hey, hey, hey, I'll take you on again. 4x
Solo D C D Ce|---------|--------------------------------|B|---------|------6/--------------6-8-8^\6--|G|----555-7|:-5h7---7--5-7----5h7---------7:|D|--77-----|--------------------------------| 4xA|---------|--------------------------------|E|---------|--------------------------------|
Verse 3:You never said sorry, you never apologise C D C D Ce|------------------------------|B|-----6------------------------|G|-5h7---7--77-5555-44---4h5p4--|D|---------------------7------7-|A|------------------------------|E|------------------------------|
you're making me nervous, you're trouble in disguise. Can we pick up where it started? - where it ended? You know what I mean. My mother told me don't go back to where you've been. Chorus: Hey, hey, hey, I'll take you on again. 4x
D C D Ce|---------|--------------------------------|B|---------|------6/--------------6-8-8^\6--|G|----555-7|:-5h7---7--5-7----5h7---------7:|D|--77-----|--------------------------------| 8xA|---------|--------------------------------|E|---------|--------------------------------|
D ^\= full bend and release / = 1/2 bend h = hammer on p = pull off
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