Vaux - Are You With Me chords

Band: Vaux
Song: Are You With Me
Album: Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vice

Hello, It's my first Tab please accept little faults.


Verse (Clean)E|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|-7-8-5-6-----------|D|-7-8-5-6-----------|A|-5-6-3-4-----------|E|-------------------|
Powerchords: D, Eb, C, C#!
Chorus (With distortion)Part 1 Part 2E|--------- E|---------|B|--------- B|---------|G|-7-3----- Then G|--7-3-2--|D|-7-3-5-6- D|--7-3-2--|A|-5-1-5-6- A|--5-1-0--|E|-----3-4- E|---------|
Powerchords: D, Bb, G, G#, D, D, Bb, A. The "Bridge" with this special Drum is played like the Verse. ________________________________ Song: Verse:
D Eb C C#There will come a time
D Eb C C#They will pull you out
C#It's too late to change your mind (sing fast)
D EbOff the record, I've been saying
C C#Cut the cord that's hanging you
D EbOn the record, information
C C#Pretty soon they're selling you
DAre you with me
BbNothing to trust in
GYou have the answers?
G#What are the questions
DAre you with me
Bb AAre you with meeee now
________________________________ You have to find out how long the chords are played, but it's not that hard so you will it out when you listen to the song. Note: Take G# in part 1 just as a kind of slide to lead over to part 2. Hold the D in part 2 a bit longer, the A (Also can be played is just a but you'll feel it. Have Fun
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