Velvet Revolver – Messages chords

Left handed
 Dm Bb F A
 Bb F C Em G

(Verso 1)

Am FHoney so long, nice to see you
Dm G CWon't be long before I come back home
Am FWhen the plane lands, will you reach me
Dm G CWill you call me on the telephone
F CTell my son I wish I never yelled at him yesterday cause everything's changed
G F CRadar signal seeking you, but finding nothing at all, hey --
G F CBlow the horn and call the cavalry there's something happening, hey --
Riff: Am---F---Dm---G--C Verso 2
Am FGoodbye mother, Tell my daughter
Dm G CHave to leave, Get of the telephone
Am FTheres a problem, Sinking feeling,
Dm G CHeros died and plastic on the run
F CTell my son I wish I Never yelled at him yesterday Cause everythings changed,
G F CAnd you, you gave me all you had, hey.
G F CI hope someday you will be happy, Without me.
Riff: Am---F---Dm---G--C
Dm Bb FLost in a world that's quickly going by,
A BbYou were there so strengthened you knew the ground,
F CAngels and the demons fight to save the lives,
Em GWhile all the others cry
Solo: Am F Dm G C F C C Coro 2
G F CAs for you, you made my life worth living,
G F CI pray one day you will de happy, Without me.
Goodbye, Goodbye. en el coro la segunda estructura (F--G--C) son 4 compases, uno para cada acorde y do (C) se repite (F--G--C--C) Correcciones:
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