Velvet Underground - Oh Sweet Nuthin tab

Velvet Underground - Oh! Sweet Nuthin'
from the 1970 album 'Loaded'

This is mainly a tab for the intro

pb= bend to the note, hit it, then release it back to the non bent position
e.g. pb9r7 means you bend from the non bent/release position (7) to (9) then
once you play the note (9) you 'release' it/bend back down to the non bent note (7)

r = release ^
~ = vibrato/let ring
()= optional note
p = pull off
h = hammer on
/ = slide

sorry if that was confusing ^^ you prob know how to do it anyway, but i was real
confused the first time i came across pre bends

the sweet intro: listen for timing and such

so after that its C Bb say a word for jimmy brown F C he aint got nothin at all etc etc In the verses there are all types of little fills, these are based on the intro - there are so many, so i wont/cant tab all of them Chorus: C Bb Ohhhh sweet nothing F C he aint got nothin at all solo: all i can say is its in C, this is a great jamming track to practice on! peace, questions and comments are welcome
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