Versaemerge - Fixed At Zero Acoustic chords version 1

VersaEmerge - Fixed At Zero (Acoustic)

See for how to play it with these chords.

Verse Alt. Chords for Acoustic: (dissonant sound, but good for song)
Alt Em: 0 13 13 000 
Alt C: 8 10 10 9 00
Alt G: 355400
Alt B*: 799800
B:  799877

Cmaj7: x32000 or just use C
D: x0023xG: 355400 or 355433(barred)
Am7: x02010 Intro: Em, C x2
Em CThis doesn't make much sense
Em C G FThink far out, but I'm still locked in
Em CI'm still lost, walking in circles
Em C GThe floor swallowed me up whole
B* BThere's nowhere to go
Cmaj7 DThere's a vulture on my shoulder
Am7And he's telling me to give in
Cmaj7 DAlways hissing right in my ear
Am7Like it's coming from my own head
Cmaj7It's got me mixed up
DTrying not to give up
Am7Tell me there's a way to get out of here
C DOh, fixed at zero
Em (C)
Em CI've learned to talk with my fingers
Em C GThe only voice that wakes my ears
FOh make my bones to something
Em CEver want to jump out your skin?
Em C GAnticipate until the sidewalk ends
BCause there's nowhere to go
Chorus Inst: Em, C, A9 (x03300) Em, C, A9, B*, B Chorus Inst: Em, C
Em C Em CFixed at zero
Em C EmI'm fixed at zero
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