Versaemerge - Fixed At Zero Acoustic tab version 1

this is a much better version of this song since the others had left some
stuff out. during the "solo" part there is also single note picking of the
top notes, if you listen to it on youtube, you will understand

also repeat as necessary for stuff like the chorus when it comes up


e |--7-----7---|B |--8-----8---|G |--9-----9---|D |--9-----10--|A |--7-----7---|E |--7-----7---|
e |--7-----7-----3-----1-----7-----7-----3------2-----2----|B |--8-----8-----3-----1-----8-----8-----3------2-----4----|G |--9-----9-----4-----2-----9-----9-----4------4-----2----|D |--9-----10----5-----3-----9-----10----5------4-----4----|A |--7-----7-----5-----3-----7-----7-----5------2-----2----|E |--7-----7-----X-----X-----7-----7-----X------2-----2----|
e |--3-----5-----0-----|B |--3-----5-----3-----|G |--5-----7-----5-----|D |--5-----7-----5-----|A |--3-----5-----X-----|E |--3-----5-----X-----|
e |--7---7-----0----7----7---0---2---2-|B |--8---8-----3----8----8---3---2---4-|G |--9---9-----5----9----9---5---4---2-|D |--9---10----5----9----10--5---4---4-|A |--7---7-----X----7----7---X---2---2-|E |--7---7-----X----7----7---X---2---2-|
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