Vertical Horizon – Liberty tab

    This song is capoed at the third fret. It's actually at the fourth as
VH tunes to E flat. The picking pattern is tough and there is alot of
Dsus2 and Asus2. All chords are in open positions. An easier version is
using Travis-style finger picking with the indicated chords. All
fingerings are relative to the capo. Each - is a sixteenth and each chord
begins under the first letter of the chord name in the tab. * = hammered.


        D      G/D     Bm/D    Em7/D    G       A
      XX0232  XX0787  XX0775  XX0453  320033  X02220

        F#m    Em/G    F#m7     Em      Bm
      244222  322000  242222  022000  224432


D G/D Bm/D Em7/D D G/D Bm/D Em7/D * *E ---02---7----7--5----5--3----3--2--02---7----7--5----5--3----3--|B --3--33----8-------7-------5---------33----8-------7-------5----|G ----------7---7---7---7---4---4-----------7---7---7---7---4---4-|D 0-----0-0---0---0---0---0---0---0-----0-0---0---0---0---0---0---|A ----------------------------------------------------------------|E ----------------------------------------------------------------|
D G A F#m G A * * *E 2--02---5--3-3-X02---0-----3-------0---------0-------------------|B -----33-5--3-3-X3--3-----3---3-0-2---20-02-2----2----2-----0-2-0-|G --------------------2-----0---0---2----2--2---2----2-----0-------|D 0----0-0--0-0-X0-0--------------------------2-----4-------0---2--|A --------------------------------0-------0-----------4-------0----|E ----------------------2-3-----------------------2-----0-3--------|
D *E -2-5-3--02---30--|B -3-3-3--3--3---3-|G ----------2------|D -0-0-0--0---0----|A -----------------|E -----------------|
Verses -------
We met as two total strangers D G A * * *E 02-02------3-------0-----0------|B 3----3---3---3-0-2---2------02--|G --2-------0---0---2----2---2----|D 0-------------------------------|A ----------------0-------0-0-0---|E ------2-3-----------------------|
As many lovers often do F#m G A D *E -----------------2-5-3--02---30--|B 2----2-----0-2-0-3-3-3--3--3---3-|G ---2-----0----------------2------|D --4-------0---2--0-0-0--0---0----|A ----4-------0--------------------|E 2-----0-3------------------------|
But who could have ever seen the danger D G A * *E 02---0-----3-------0------------|B 3--3-----3---3-0-2---20-02-2----|G ----2-----0---0---2----2--2-----|D 0-0-----------------------------|A ----------------0-------0-------|E ------2-3-------------------0-2-|
I didn't know I'd fall in love with you. G A *E -----3-----------|B -------0---02--0-|G ---0--0------2---|D --0-------2------|A ----2---0--------|E 3----------------|
(Go directly into "You are..." from beginning of verse music with no hammer) You are this lonely picker's daydream Like a wish that's wishing to come true So Liberty just know I'm waiting To share this love song with you. "To share..." is sung with the same music as "I didn't know..." and then there is this short instrumental part leading into the chorus.
D %E ---32-0--0--00--|B -3---3-3---3----|G --2-------------|D 0---------------|A ----------------|E ----------------|
This is really a quick hammer to the F#. Chorus -------
But do you think about me when you're lying in his bed G A D G * *E -----3-------------0-------3----|B 0-----0-2--02-02-3---3----0-----|G ---0---------2----2-------------|D --0-------2-----0---------------|A --------0----------------2------|E 3---3-----------------2-3---3-2-|
Won't you take the time to explain Em/G A Bm F#m *E ---0---------------2-------2----|B -0---0-----02--0-3---3-2-2---2--|G --0---0------2----4---4---2-----|D ----------2---------------------|A --------0-------2---------------|E 3-----------------------2-----0-|
Do you ever think you'd rather be with me instead G A G D * *E ---3---------------3-----2-02----|B -0---0---2-02--0-0---0-0--3--323-|G --0-------2--2----0---0----------|D ------------------------0--------|A --------0------------------------|E 3-----3---------3----------------|
Or do you only think about me when it rains. (2 extra beats) Bm F#m G A D *E ---2-------2-------------2-5-3--02---30--|B -3---3-3-2---2-----0-2-0-3-3-3--3--3---3-|G --4---4---2-------0---2-----------2------|D -------------------------0-0-0--0---0----|A 2-------------------0--------------------|E --------2-----0-3------------------------|
Verse 2 ------- We shared some special night together We said we'd watch the morning rise But when the sun was all around us Wasn't nothing I hadn't seen in your eyes. I try so hard to keep it hidden But I am hurting deep inside For every time I've seen you smile There are two times that I have cried. Chorus Up through "Do you ever think..." is the same as first then "Or do you only think about me when it rains" twice with 8 beats for first and only 6 for second. Bm F#m G A Bm F#m7 G A
E ---2-------2-------------2---2--2----2--2----------------|B -3---3-3-2---2-----0-2-0---3-------3---------2-----0-2-0-|G --4---4---2------0----2-4---------4--------2-----0----2--|D ------------------0-----------------4-----2-2-----0------|A 2-------------------0-----------2-------------------0----|E --------2-----0-3-----------------------2-----0-3--------|
Outro ------
Now and forever my love will be the sameI will be waiting underneath the pouring rain. G/D Bm/D Em7/D D *E 7----7--5----5--3----3--2--02--- 5--3-3-X02--|B ---8-------7-------5---------33- 5--3-3-X3---|G --7---7---7---7---4---4--------- X 2 ------------|D 0---0---0---0---0---0---0-----0- 0--0-0-X0---|A -------------------------------- ------------|E -------------------------------- ------------|
------------------------ -Eric Jeschke
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