Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want tab version 3

Vertical Horizon - "Everything You Want"
From the "Vertical Horizon" debut album
Eb tuning
Tabbed by jjhand

I improved on some riffs from other tabs on ultimate-guitar. Please rate or

Intro : Electric w/ Light Distortion & muting after each noteeb|-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-|-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-|-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-|-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-|Bb|-3-5-5-3-5-5-3-5-|-3-5-5-3-5-5-8-7-|-3-5-5-3-5-5-3-5-|-3-5-5-3-5-5-1-0-|Gb|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|Db|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|Ab|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|Eb|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| this plays throughout the song verses & outro also
Verse Part (played 2x wit some rhythm ad-lib, then continues with lyrics)eb|-------------------------|------------------------|Bb|------1-----------3--3-3-|------3-3-----3--3----3-|Gb|-0h2--2-------0---0--0-0-|------0-0-----0--0----0-|Db|-0h2--2--0----0---0--0-0-|------0-0-----2--2----2-|Ab|-0-------0h2--2---2--2-2-|-0h2------3---3--3----3-|Eb|-------------------------|------------------------|
Verse 1 "Somewhere there's speaking It's already coming in Oh and it's rising at the back of your mind You never could get it Unless you were fed it Now you're here and you don't know why But under skinned knees and the skid marks Past the places where you used to learn You howl and listen Listen and wait for the Echoes of angels who won't return" Chorus Pt 1 - play 3x % = repeat chord strums
1 2 3 4eb|-3---%-%--3---%-%--%---%-|-3---%-%--3---%-%--%---%-|Bb|-3--------3--------------|-3--------3--------------|Gb|-2--------0--------------|-0--------2--------------|Db|-2--------0--------------|-2--------0--------------|Ab|-0--------x--------------|-2-----------------------|Eb|----------3--------------|-0-----------------------| Ab7sus4 Gb Ebm7 Dbsus4
Chorus Ending|-3---%-%--0---%-%--%---%-|-0---%-%------------||-3--------0--------------|-3--------3---------||-2--------0--------------|-2--------0---------||-2--------2--------------|-0--------2---------||-0--------2--------------|----------3---------||----------0--------------|--------------------| Ab7sus4 Ebm Dbsus2 Badd9
Play Verse Again (Acoustic & Electric Intro Part)
3rd Guitar w/ light chorus/reverb plays this before verse:eb|----------------|---------------|---------------|----------|Bb|----------------|---3-----------|---------------|-------3--|Gb|-rest---5---4---|-----0---------|-rest--5---4---|----------|Db|--------------5-|-4-----4-------|-------------5-|---4-5----|Ab|----------------|---------------|---------------|----------|Eb|----------------|---------------|---------------|----------| **let notes ring
Verse 2 Lyrics: "You're waiting for someone to put you together You're waiting for someone to push you away There's always another wound to discover There's always something more you wish he'd say" Play Chorus Again
Bridge (2:13) - Electric Repeated part (eighth notes)|-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-||-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-| some ad-lib is used|-----------------||-----------------||-----------------||-----------------|
Acoustic Chords ** B is 332010 low to high, other chords are like Chorus Ending Ebm B "But you'll just sit tight And watch it unwind" Ebm Dbsus2 Badd9 "It's only what you're asking for" Ebm B "And you'll be just fine With all of your time" Ebm Dbsus2 Badd9 "It's only what you're waiting for" Play Verse Again "Out of the island Into the highway Past the places where you might have turned You never did notice But you still hide away The anger of angels who won't return" Play Chorus Again 2x to end song Play Verse Riff on Acoustic, Intro on Electric to end song
Other Distorted Electric Part during Ending:|--------------------||--------------------||--------------------||-3NH----5NH---3NH---| repeats a few times until fade|-----5NH---5NH------||--------------------|
KEY: x = muted string h = hammer-on / = slide up \ = slide down % = repeat last chord NH = natural harmonic
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