Vertical Horizon - Give You Back chords version 1

Give You Back- Vertical Horizon
Tabbed By: Fouad Yousfi

Hi all ! I tabbed this song because i saw that there are just 2 versions which are not 
easy to play beacause of the tuning or because they are not just. It's a beautiful song 
released in the 2nd album of vertical Horizon named "Everything You Want".

Tabbed from the Album song, it can be different than in the live versions.

/!\ CAPO ON 1st FRET ! /!\


Am C F/CE-----0--------0--------0--------|B-----1--------1--------1--------|G-----2--------0--------2--------|D-----2--------3--------3--------|A-----x--------2--------3--------|E-----x--------x--------1--------|
================================================================== On verse : I play Am Down-Down-UpUp-Down-Up then the same for F/C ================================================================== On Chorus : I play C Down-Up-Down-Up then i go to Am Down-Up-Down-Up then F/C Down-Up-Down-Up-Down-Up-Down-Up ================================================================== Intro : Am , F/C (Arpeggio 8x) Chorus : C , Am , F/C (x4) Verse : Am , F/C (Arpeggio 8x) Chorus : C , Am , F/C (x4) Brige : ----Not tabbed--- The rest of the song follow the same scheme.
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