Vertical Horizon - Send It Up tab

Vertical Horizon
Send It Up
Everything You Want (1999)

(In some videos you'll see him use Capo 3 because his guitar is tuned down 1/2 step)

"I'm alright by the way..."
e--33--3-------3----|B--33--3-------3----|G--00--0-------0----| 2xD--22--2-------0----|A--33--3-------2----|E--------------3----|
"Sometimes I feel it"
CHORUS: G Dsus4 Cadd9 Send it up Dsus4 Send it up now G Dsus4 Cadd9 Dsus4 Send it up After second chorus: Em7 Cadd9 Dsus4 (3x) Em7 Cadd9..... Outro (same chords as the chorus) then end on G and Cadd9
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