Vertigo - December Twenty First tab

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Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 17:49:34 -0600
From: John  English 
Subject: v/vertigo/december_twenty_first.crd

"December Twenty First" by VERTIGO

transcribed by THE SULTAN

INTRO (picking)   A/B/C  D#mod   Em  A/G/F#/G

    C D#mod Em
Because it's the longest day of the year
Will I have more time
    C D#mod Em
And since I followed you all the way here
Please give me the time
G F#  F#mod  Em  A/G/F#/G
Listen to what I say

I know you're justified in your fear
You've been walking the line
Hearing only what you want to hear
But I see you as bling
Falling farther away


And I can't walk anymore
In these four dollar shoes
Because my soul is wearing more each day
G    Emod
Today is going to be the worst
December twenty first


 G  F# Em   A/G/F#/G
Because today is the longest day
 G  F# Em   A/G/F#/G
The sun seems to never go away
 Am Emod
But why, oh why
Won't it shine on me


Em/G/F#   C/B/A/Em

 C  D#mod Em
And why won't you shine on me
 C  D#mod Em
Baby, how much more time would you need
 C  D#mod Em
Until you make it just a little bit worse

 C  D#mod Em
And I can't walk anymore (what are we waiting for?)
 C  D#mod Em
And I can't take anymore
 C   D#mod   Em
For you

CLOSE   G F#  Emod Em


o54xxx  D#mod
22oxxx  Fmod
x2o21x  Emod
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